Dungeon Kings is a PVP multiplayer game - mix of Roguelike and strategy games.

You will explore the World of Dungeons populated by Kings only. Each King thinks that he is the best king to rule Dungeon World. Therefore the most powerful creatures in the Dungeon World decided to keep a special competitions - Leagues to define who the best King is.

Your ultimate goal is to obtain most powerful fire stones and to become the most powerful King in the World Of Dungeons. The higher power of your Fire Stones, the more rating you have and the higher you are on League's Leaderboard. Win leagues to reach TOP 1 in the final league and to become the King of the Kings!

You can get fire stones by stealing them from other players and from special device Stone Stove. Do not forget that other player will also try to steal your Fire Stones, so do not forget to create the best defence!